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What Is Clikker Logo?

Clikkerit is a Community based Social Media platform where you can find the best deals in your community, share information about your area, post events and happenings, post classified ads and NOW be a Reporter in your hometown! No more “Fake News” this is reporting for the people, by the people. Let us know about things that concern you and stay up to date with the most recent Alerts and Activity in your community.

Post Alerts and Receive Alerts:

  • Weather alerts
  • Natural disaster alerts – earthquakes, volcanoes, sink holes
  • Animal alerts – escaped animals or animals spotted – i.e. cougar or bear sightings etc.
  • Lost and Found
  • Local events alerts
  • Re-zoning alerts
  • Power outage alerts
  • Accident alerts
  • Traffic alerts
  • Fire & evacuation alerts
  • Classified ad alerts
  • Sales deals alerts
  • Health alerts – boil water, recalled food etc.
  • Amber/Missing persons alerts
  • Criminal alerts – most wanted, escaped convicts etc.
  • Mayday alerts – ocean and air traffic
  • School closure alerts
  • Parks & recreation alerts
  • By law change alerts
  • Stock Alerts